Frequently asked questions

Villa Jamaire in North Cyprus sounds great - tell us more

Is there something we've missed out?

We have tried to make this site as clear as possible but if you are still uncertain about anything, the following may help you to decide that a holiday at Villa Jamaire is just what you are looking for.

Getting there

Is it difficult to get to North Cyprus?

- No; there are Saturday flights to Erçan airport (near Nicosia) from Stansted, Luton and Heathrow.  All flights call at Turkey and at the time of writing, it is necessary to change aircraft there.

Can we use airports other than Stansted, Luton and Heathrow?

- Yes; it is possible to fly from several regional UK airports, as well as those from the London area, to Larnaca or Paphos, in South Cyprus.  (Please see below regarding airport transfers.)  Take care when booking that you have chosen non-stop flights,as some apparently cheaper flights operate through other countries and can involve long waits at these places.

How do we get flight tickets?

- You can book on-line direct with the carrier or we can provide you with contact details for tried and trusted suppliers, specialising in North Cyprus.  If you are travelling through Larnaca, most UK travel agents are able to supply tickets on a 'flight only' basis.  We recommend that you make a firm booking of your accommodation dates and then arrange flights to fit in with those dates.

How do we get from and to the airport in Cyprus?

- We arrange all of your airport transfers, as soon as you have given us your flight details.

What do the airport transfers cost?

- If you are hiring a car through us, for a minimum of seven consecutive days, transfers to the villa from Erçan airport in North Cyprus are free.  On your return journey, you can drive yourselves and leave the hire car at the airport, or we can arrange a fixed price taxi for you.

If you are travelling through Larnaca or Paphos airport, this longer journey is charged at a fixed rate.  If you are not hiring a car, normal taxi fares apply.  (Please note that the roads from and to Paphos are not as direct as those from and to Larnaca, making for a  considerably longer and more expensive transfer.) We will supply a tariff with confirmation of your booking.

At the villa

Do we need to hire a car?

- We strongly recommend car hire if you are to get the maximum benefit from your holiday at Villa Jamaire.  Well over 90% of our visitors hire a car for the whole of their stay and most of the remainder do so for the majority of it.  However, if you prefer not to drive, taxis are plentiful in North Cyprus and there is a local bus service which runs every 15 minutes during the day between the village and central Kyrenia.  A car hire tariff will be sent to you with confirmation of your booking.

Is there a beach within walking distance?

- Yes, but only for dedicated walkers!  Although there are clear sea views from the villa, the nearest beach is at least 20 minutes walk away (and of course, another 20 minutes back!).  By car or taxi, you can be at the beach within ten minutes.

Is the villa suitable for young children?

- Yes; many of our regular visitors have young children and there have been no problems during the 30 years that the villa has been there.  Obviously, normal safety precautions should be taken, especially near the swimming pool, which has a shallow end of one metre.

Is the villa suitable for wheelchair users?

- No; as all bedrooms are on the first floor and there are steps down to the swimming pool deck, we do not recommend the villa for anyone who has significant mobility problems.

Is the villa on, or near to, a busy road?

- No; Villa Jamaire is on a 'no through road' which serves just two other villas.

Are there any restaurants nearby?

- Yes; there are hundreds of restaurants and tavernas in North Cyprus and ten within Ozanköy village. Several are within walking distance of the villa.

Are there any grocery shops nearby?

- Yes; within the village, there are three 'mini markets' supplying most daily requirements and within five or ten minutes drive there are modern supermarkets, on the lines of those in the UK.

More general questions

What is the weather like?

- The air temperature in summer ranges between 27C (in May) and 36C (in July and August).  The coolest months are December and January, with daytime temperatures of 17 - 18C.  Rain is rare in summer, with an average of less than one day a month between May and September.

Is the villa available all year round?

-  The villa is available from May to November. By May, the day time temperature averages 27C and in November 24C.

What is the local language?

- The official language is Turkish but English is used very widely.

What is the local currency and do we need to take any?

- The official currency is the Turkish lira and although Sterling and Euro are widely accepted, especially in town centres, it will be useful to have some lira with you.  There are many exchange bureaux in the towns, to exchange Sterling notes, or you can use UK bank debit and credit cards in bank cash machines.

Are credit cards generally accepted in North Cyprus?

- All petrol stations, supermarkets and most restaurants accept cards, although cash is still used much more than in the UK.  Some smaller establishments may impose a surcharge for the use of cards (now illegal in the UK); these are in the minority but it is something to be aware of.